Convert mesh model to parametric CAD model

This tool tries to convert a mesh model (like STL) back to a parametric CAD format. It's not perfect doing the conversion, but should help you bootstrap this step

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        About Parametizer

        This tool was created for helping re-modeling printable model in your favorite CAD tool

        It's written in vanilla Javascript with the help of ThreeJS, ConvexHull, InfiniteGridHelper, MeshLine, GaussJordan, Canvas2SVG MIT licensed libraries

        It's written by X-Ryl669

        If you find it useful and it saved you some time, please consider helping improving it, either by:

        1. Providing new ideas for improvement
        2. Report bugs or issues (they are many)
        3. (Better) Implement those ideas and submit a pull request
        4. Donate to the author for supporting his development efforts (see below)

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