A cross platform MQTT V5.0 client with minimal footprint

eMQTT5 is a MQTT cross platform client though for embedded system with minimal ressource usage and complete coverage of the specification. If you are searching for a MQTT client that's working with latest standard, with all features and without blowing your microcontroller's flash and memory budget, look no more.

What ?

MQTT is a protocol targetted for internet of things (IoT). It allows small CPU to exchange messages efficiently over unreliable connection. It's a de-facto standard for home automation.


  • Very small footprint (less than 80kB compiled on X86, 20kB on ESP32)
  • All important features of the standard are covered
  • Easy to grasp: clear C++ code with few method or object
  • Multiplatform: Reported to work on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, ESP32
  • Many tools: Provides a simple client that you can build anywhere and run to test MQTT brokers and a packet analyser tool.

Source code

The source code is here.


A good documentation is here.

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