Rangepoll is a voting server for democratic polling

This is a HTTP server written in Rust for serving poll and vote and computing results. You'll use this software if you need to run a poll (or a vote) to make a democratic decision.

Starting up a poll works in 3 steps:

  1. The administrator/poll creator creates the poll and add all the possible voting choices and the allowed voters. An email is sent to the list of voter to engage them to vote.
  2. People are voting for their best choice (either by ranking each choice or in a yes/no fashion)
  3. Votes are collected and the winner is computed based on the selected voting algorithm.


  • Allows both authenticated and non-authenticated users for voting (the administrator is generating voting token in that case for voting)
  • Selectable voting algorithm. Whatever your philosophy, we got you covered!
  • Intuitive interface for creating and running polls/votes
  • Mail based invitation and result communication


Login with cyril:cyril in this demo server

Source code

The source code is here


A description of the voting algorithm you can choose from in Rangepoll is here

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