Dynamic embedded memory management part 2

As a follow-up to the previous article, here are some tips to determine the use of the heap by your program.

In C

In C, it is quite difficult to estimate heap usage because the allocator functions are type-erased, i.e. the return type of the allo...

Documentation for eMQTT5 client


eMQTT5 is a MQTT client for protocol version 5.0 written in C++.

It's main purpose is to provide a lightweight client both in term of binary size, memory footprint and code size that's implementing as much as possible of the standard.

It i...

Advanced debugging of MKS Robin Nano (STM32) board

If you need to debug your printer's firmware, you've probably read my previous post already. If not, I advice you to read it.

This post is about solving the remaining issues and/or shortcomings with the debugging so that a debugging session...

List of the software I've written

Here's a list of software I've written recently.



Frost is a backup solution for POSIX system including compression, deduplication, encryption and live file mounting via FUSE Set up your backup once and forget it. It just works.



Better support for magic mail alias forwarding

This post happens 2 years after my previous post.

In the previous post, I've shown how to install a mail server on a domain public.com that's forwarding emails in the form fwd.facebook@public.com (in fact any: fwd.*@public.com) to your own...