Webcam holder clip for Sapphire Plus/Pro

This model is used to maintain the webcam at the right position on the Sapphire Plus and Pro printer.

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It's used in this situation:

Clip for webcam

See the link below for the webcam to use for this clip. You can make nice timelapse...

Folding table reinforcement part

This model is used to reinforce this folding table mechanism so it's more stable.

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It's used in this situation:

Table reinforcement position

The clip above is made for table sized 140cm x 70cm.

If you need a version for 70cm x 70cm table, you'll need...

Detach and swap your hotend on your 3D printer

Sapphire Plus swappable hotend

If you have read my previous posts about replacing the hotend, you've probably already realized that changing the hotend is a tedious work.

Most of the difficulties comes from:

  1. Wiring the new hotend and sensors...

Replacing the hotend with an E3D

The provided hotend for the Sapphire Plus 3D printer is average. It's not correctly cooled, so it'll fit for PLA well, but it'll be less efficient for PETG. I haven't tried ABS with it. Also, the provided teflon tube has an hole that's too large for the filamen...

So you've decided to buy a Sapphire Plus printer (maybe after reading my review). You've received it and now, you start the puzzle...

Building a Sapphire Plus printer: a good tutorial

Well, the manual includes few pictures and its wording is poor. I'll try my best to list the operations requ...

Advanced debugging of MKS Robin Nano (STM32) board

If you need to debug your printer's firmware, you've probably read my previous post already. If not, I advice you to read it.

This post is about solving the remaining issues and/or shortcomings with the debugging so that a debugging session...

Common error to avoid while choosing and replacing a hotend

If you have followed my previous post, you know how to replace a 3D printer hotend.

Yet, I've made it multiple time and I'm now able to list the common errors to avoid, in the hope it'll save you time and money.

Error 1: Buying th


Debugging Marlin with ST-Link V2

If you ever used a Marlin Firmware on your 3D printer, it's very likely you or someone else has built the firmware for your printer. However Marlin is a treasure full of features and it's very unlikely you'll get the exact gem you were expecting.

For exampl...

Cylinder and barrel for FAP keys

Here is a rough model of an FAP cylinder (dimensions are correct, this model is used to subtract in a larger cylinder).

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Here is the cylinder to print to use an FAP key with a Thetford gate.

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You al...